Doctor of Administrative and Management Sciences


Develop postgraduate programs in the field of social and economic sciences such as administration and management being areas of knowledge that stimulate talent and inventiveness, guiding directions in the formation and construction of new theories towards the satisfaction of needs Priorities of local, regional, national and universal character, therefore the graduate as a doctor in administrative and managerial sciences is a challenge at the present time, understanding that the administrator is the born manager, so he must be a university professional prepared in a way integral with a solid humanistic, scientific and technological training, with a multidisciplinary vision of the economic and administrative process, that is, skilled in the field of Planning, Organization, Management and Control, specialist in coordinating human and material efforts to the achievement of institutional, business objectives online and international.

In the same way, it must have an analytical, reflective, critical, creative, guiding mentality and with a promoter capacity that allows it to have active and leading participation in economic and social development, which is capable of interpreting historical, economic, social and political structures of the country to rationally capture its reality, adopting a scientific position against these various problems, providing alternative solutions and actively participating in the development of these alternatives

From this perspective, the ordering and elaboration process contributed to gain clarity in the magnitude, scope and complexity of a dimension of knowledge known, but sufficiently understood and especially necessary to reason from the conventional and critical economies, the relationship between the planes theoretical and empirical in the scientific knowledge of economics as science and its «modus operandi», the administration, its processes and elements. Its scope is not that of an investigation whose magnitude, complexity, rigor and transcendence would overwhelm those of this work, does not cover the entire spectrum of the knowledge received, but tries to transcend and express a selection of essential terms that may serve as some motivation , consultation and consolidation as a basis for future work, including the authors themselves, students and even all interested entities.

It is important to emphasize that companies in general have to gradually reconvert their paradigms, aiming at the progressive achievement of sustained levels of competitiveness that are increasingly superior to conquer national and international markets. For this, it is an absolute necessity the existence of new professional entrepreneurs sufficiently trained in administrative and managerial sciences to face the new challenges of the economic and social development of the countries.

In this sense, the implementation of advanced postgraduate studies programs at the doctoral level in Administrative and Management Sciences is essential, since it is nowadays that ample capacity and competence regarding the universal culture and knowledge of Administration and management is warranted for a better professional development, so it should also be borne in mind that the participation of qualified human capital in this activity is necessary, since they are responsible for making decisions and taking concrete actions to achieve the desired success in a globalized world, in the which there is an increasingly diversified demand.


Professionals in the area of Administration and Management, interested in teaching, researching or expanding their knowledge in the management and administrative area, that meet the requirements established by the Academic Committee of the Course.


The Doctorate will offer students:
• Seminars for the collective investigation of certain problems of fundamental interest in the administrative area.
• Disciplines aimed at the in-depth treatment of topics or areas of knowledge especially relevant to management.
• Auxiliary disciplines designed to complement the methodological training of participants who require it.

During their studies, the student can propose the realization of up to two research works, with a value of five credits each.


The Curriculum Structure of the Doctoral Program is composed of four (4) components:

General component: it consists of advanced seminars that offer the PhD student, a global vision of the philosophy, advances and trends of education sciences; realities and possibilities of management and administration.

Research component: it is oriented to the consolidation of research skills and attitudes.

Elective component: each PhD candidate chooses the course of their choice in an offer of up to five electives that help improve the research project.

Doctoral thesis component: refers to the preparation of the doctoral thesis for its subsequent presentation and approval in accordance with the standards established by the University.


Preparation of articles that are arbitrated by the university magazine and an oral or poster presentation presented by each doctoral student.


Creditable Activities are developed from the first period; It is here that the PhD participant is responsible for building his dossier as a researcher and productive knowledge man through the sharing of experiences related to his research work.
It is necessary to point out that a future doctor must accumulate a series of experiences that will be described below. These activities or experiences will be accredited to complement your experience as a researcher and to consolidate your thesis to be able to go to socialization and defense.




  • Dra. Edumar Leon, Doctor of Advanced Management
  • Dr. Jesus Subero, Doctor of Advanced Management
  • Dra. Gloria Rodriguez, Doctor of Education
  • Dr. Gregorio Navarro, Doctor of Education