Doctor in Technology and Innovation


The new realities associated with the transition to the third millennium in which the University linked to technology must perform, is characterized by processes of accelerated changes and uncertainty in all orders of human occurrence. At this stage of transition, the university must meet three fundamental challenges, namely: in the face of the global phenomenon of Technologization, before the preeminence of knowledge as a fundamental resource to boost development in the face of the constant revolution of information and communication technologies .
This transition has received the name of postmodernity (Lyotard, 1984), in terms of the evolution of world society and technological development, Toffler (1995) has called it the era of the Third Wave; while others have emphasized the productive aspect, as is the case of Drucker (1994), who has baptized this historical period of humanity as a post-capitalist society or knowledge society.
Hence, Moon International University offers a PhD in Technology and Innovation, creating in its students wealth or added values, which facilitate the attainment of an advantageous position in society. Its objective is to provide the skills and abilities to direct and carry out scientific research by obtaining the following descriptors:
– Have demonstrated the systematic understanding of a field of study, as well as mastery of the competencies and methods associated with that field;
– Having forged the ability to conceive, design, implement and adapt a considerable research process with academic integrity;
– To have contributed through an original investigation that expands the frontiers of knowledge by developing a considerable set of works. Some of the mentioned works must have been evaluated and deserving of national or international publication;
– To have the capacity for critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas; – Possess communication skills with their peers, the educational community and society in general in relation to their fields of expertise;
– Assume the ability to promote, in academic and professional contexts, technological, social or cultural progress in a knowledge-based society


Professionals in the area of engineering, technology and careers for purposes, interested in teaching, researching or expanding their knowledge in the area of technology and innovation, which meet the requirements established by the Academic Committee of the Course.


The Doctorate will offer students:
• Seminars for the collective investigation of certain problems of fundamental interest in the area of technology.
• Disciplines aimed at the in-depth treatment of topics or areas of knowledge especially relevant to technology.
• Auxiliary disciplines designed to complement the methodological training of participants who require it.

During their studies, the student can propose the realization of up to two research works, with a value of five credits each.


The Curricular Structure of the Doctoral Program is made up of four (4) components:

General Component: It is made up of Advanced Seminars that offer the PhD student, a global vision of the philosophy, advances and trends of Education Sciences; realities and possibilities of technology.

Research Component: It is oriented to the consolidation of research skills and attitudes.

Elective Component: Each PhD candidate chooses the course of his choice in an offer of up to five electives that helps improve the research project.

Doctoral Thesis Component: It refers to the preparation of the Doctoral thesis for its subsequent presentation and approval in accordance with the regulations established by the University.


Preparation of articles that are arbitrated by the university magazine and an oral or poster presentation presented by each doctoral student.


Creditable Activities are developed from the first period; It is here that the PhD participant is responsible for building his dossier as a researcher and productive knowledge man through the sharing of experiences related to his research work.
It is necessary to point out that a future doctor must accumulate a series of experiences that will be described below. These activities or experiences will be accredited to complement your experience as a researcher and to consolidate your thesis to be able to go to socialization and defense.




  • Dra. Edumar Leon, Doctor of Management Advances
  • Dra. Gloria Rodriguez, Doctor of Education
  • Dr. Gregorio Navarro, Doctor of Education